Hey bloggers! 
     I just realized, the anniversary party here was supposed to be on the 9th! Oops. So, the party will be moved to May 29th. That is the new official date. So mark it in your calendars. Right now. Go on. Do it. You know you want to. Why are you still reading this? Have you already marked it? Well then... um... DO IT AGAIN!
     On a different note, happy birthday to my dear sister, Amanda, on the 8th, and to my wonderful mother, on the 10th. Also, happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate it, and to my mum. :P
     So, as you might have noticed, on the home page, there is a new "like" feature on Facebook for the website. I've also included one right here.
          (lol look an arrow lol)    ➜
So, if you want to (and you know you do), click the "like" button, and help me get noticed on Facebook!
     Also, here are the SURVEY RESULTS!!!!! The Word of the Month for June will be... 
(↑dats a drum roll :P↑)
     One more thing; was it just me, or did nothing unusual happen to you guys on the 13th? Wait a minute — does that count as something unusual? Can nothing unusual be unusual? Anyway, until next time!
New survey!
New statuses!
New secret passageways!
New contest! (oooooh!)
And a whole lot more!